Friday, 18 May 2012


It was an evening in winter days. A group of monkey living near a hill were shivering. Few monkeys collected black speed and tried to get heat by blowing air. But there exercise was futile. A bird observed the difficulties faced by monkeys.

“Oh monkeys, Do you get heat if black seeds are fed with air? You are all dull headed. Better go to a cave or thicket where cold is less” the bird said. “You small bird? Can’t you keep quiet? We are suffering here. You are talking as if you know better than us. Get lost” an aged monkey said. The bird didn’t keep quiet. “Oh monkeys …. It appears it may rain; clouds are gathering. Better quit the place. Otherwise you suffer more” the bird advised.

Monkeys got angry. One monkey jumped above the tree and cut the bird’s wings. The bird died…

MORAL                                                                                                                                Free advice has no value..

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