Tuesday, 15 May 2012


It was winter. Winter  season. Meany animals were sleeping in the forest. But few monkeys were jumping from tree to tree as they had no warm house to live in. They were hungry also. They were shouting. They saw few worms flying from one end to the other. While doing so they were spreading light. The monkeys thought that it is fire.

“Let all of us go towards fire and warm up. The cold is severe.” Monkeys spoke to each other. Nearby a bird was sitting in a bush. Hearing what monkeys spoke the bird said: “Friends, It is not fire. They are worms. The monkeys didn’t like what the bird said. “Who told you? Who asked you to suggest? You are impertinent”. Thus the monkey said and killed the bird.

“Oh god, I did a big mistake. I should not have to suggest  these fools” thus the  bird said and died…..

MORAL                                                                                                                        Suggestion to fools is a waste. 

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