Tuesday, 15 May 2012


There lived a farmer with his wife in a village. They were living in a hut. They had a son. They were delighted by the child and its play. It was a past time for them. One day the farmer went to forest to bring fire wood. He bought a mongoose. The couple decided to look after the mongoose. “Darling, the mongoose is young. In five or six months the mongoose will grew big. Then it would be a friend to our child” the farmer side.    

The farmer wife reared the mongoose. The mongoose grew big in six months. Once the farmer’s wife had to go to market to bring food articles. She left her child in the cradle. She told her husband to look after the  child and not to allow mongoose and child together. She went out. The farmer told her not to worry as the mongoose is a good animal. Few minutes passed. The farmer had no work. He went out for a walk.  

After two hours the farmer’ wife retuned home. At the door step she saw the mongoose waiting for her. But she  saw blood oozing out of its mouth. She thought that the mongoose might have killed the child. Immediately she took the stick and hit the mongoose. “You unfaithful, How dare you are to kill my child?” she said. Then she went inside. There she found the child sleeping. There was a snake on the ground cut into pieces. The blood was spread over. The farmer’s wife realized that the mongoose has saved her child from the snake. Suddenly she came out. The mongoose was dead.

“Sorry my dear mongoose, You have saved my child from the bite of the snake. Without knowing the truth, I killed you. God also will not excuse me” she said. She sat weeping loudly…

MORAL                                                                                                                                       Haste makes waste…

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