Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Once an elephant died in a forest. It was a giant elephant. It was so huge that a fox who came on the way was unable to cut its prey. At the moment a lion came there. The fox was happy. Immediately the approached the lion said: “Oh king, I have kept one elephant for you. Please come and eat.” “I don’t eat an animal killed by other. If you are interested you may eat it” the lion said and ran away.

After a few minutes a tiger appeared there. The fox approached him and spoke: “Sir, tiger sir, just now the lion killed an elephant and asked me to wait till he comes this way. He has decided to kill all the tiger of theforest.” The tiger frightened and ran away.

A few minutes passed. A black cheetah appeared there. “Oh cheetah Please come. Please see here. The lion who killed the elephant has asked me to wait. If you are hungry you may taste it. Otherwise the will eat it. Please come. If the lion comes I will shout. You may escape’’ the fox said.

The cheetah was hungry. He started biting the elephant skin. The fox after a while started shouting. The cheetah ran away, thinking that the lion has come. The fox was so happy and ate the elephant’s fresh alone.

MORAL:One which cannot be achieved by strength must be achieved by trick. 

Friday, 18 May 2012


It was an evening in winter days. A group of monkey living near a hill were shivering. Few monkeys collected black speed and tried to get heat by blowing air. But there exercise was futile. A bird observed the difficulties faced by monkeys.

“Oh monkeys, Do you get heat if black seeds are fed with air? You are all dull headed. Better go to a cave or thicket where cold is less” the bird said. “You small bird? Can’t you keep quiet? We are suffering here. You are talking as if you know better than us. Get lost” an aged monkey said. The bird didn’t keep quiet. “Oh monkeys …. It appears it may rain; clouds are gathering. Better quit the place. Otherwise you suffer more” the bird advised.

Monkeys got angry. One monkey jumped above the tree and cut the bird’s wings. The bird died…

MORAL                                                                                                                                Free advice has no value..

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


There lived a farmer with his wife in a village. They were living in a hut. They had a son. They were delighted by the child and its play. It was a past time for them. One day the farmer went to forest to bring fire wood. He bought a mongoose. The couple decided to look after the mongoose. “Darling, the mongoose is young. In five or six months the mongoose will grew big. Then it would be a friend to our child” the farmer side.    

The farmer wife reared the mongoose. The mongoose grew big in six months. Once the farmer’s wife had to go to market to bring food articles. She left her child in the cradle. She told her husband to look after the  child and not to allow mongoose and child together. She went out. The farmer told her not to worry as the mongoose is a good animal. Few minutes passed. The farmer had no work. He went out for a walk.  

After two hours the farmer’ wife retuned home. At the door step she saw the mongoose waiting for her. But she  saw blood oozing out of its mouth. She thought that the mongoose might have killed the child. Immediately she took the stick and hit the mongoose. “You unfaithful, How dare you are to kill my child?” she said. Then she went inside. There she found the child sleeping. There was a snake on the ground cut into pieces. The blood was spread over. The farmer’s wife realized that the mongoose has saved her child from the snake. Suddenly she came out. The mongoose was dead.

“Sorry my dear mongoose, You have saved my child from the bite of the snake. Without knowing the truth, I killed you. God also will not excuse me” she said. She sat weeping loudly…

MORAL                                                                                                                                       Haste makes waste…


It was winter. Winter  season. Meany animals were sleeping in the forest. But few monkeys were jumping from tree to tree as they had no warm house to live in. They were hungry also. They were shouting. They saw few worms flying from one end to the other. While doing so they were spreading light. The monkeys thought that it is fire.

“Let all of us go towards fire and warm up. The cold is severe.” Monkeys spoke to each other. Nearby a bird was sitting in a bush. Hearing what monkeys spoke the bird said: “Friends, It is not fire. They are worms. The monkeys didn’t like what the bird said. “Who told you? Who asked you to suggest? You are impertinent”. Thus the monkey said and killed the bird.

“Oh god, I did a big mistake. I should not have to suggest  these fools” thus the  bird said and died…..

MORAL                                                                                                                        Suggestion to fools is a waste. 

Monday, 14 May 2012


It was a denser forest. A lion was living in the forest. He was the king of all animals. Everyday the lion was killing animals for his food. Dissatisfied animals decided to send everyday one animal in turn of king. The lion also agreed to it. As agreed the animals were sending one animal to the cave. The lion used to eat it and be happy.

One day it was the turn of a hare. Purposely the hare went late to the lion’s cave. “Why are you late?” the lion roared. The hare with any fear said “O King, Actually I came running to see you early. But on the way, I had to face another lion. He was about to kill me. Somehow I escaped. This made to me come late. Kindly excuse me.” The lion got angry.     

“What? Is there are more lion in this forest? If it is so, you show me where it is, First I will kill him and then I shell look after you” the lion roared.

The hare did not say no. “King, you come with me. I will show you the other lion. It appears he is still stronger.” Thus said, the hare took the lion with him. After he walked in the forest little distance he showed the lion in a deep well.

“King, I told you there is one more lion. It is living in this well. Peep and see” the hare said. The lion saw the well. Inside he found his image. He though that is another lion. Soon he jumped into the well in order to kill the same. But he died.

The intelligent hare ran away from there and met all the animals. He boasted before them the way by which he made the lion to die.

MORAL….                                                                                                                          Intelligent people face danger without any difficulty.