Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Once an elephant died in a forest. It was a giant elephant. It was so huge that a fox who came on the way was unable to cut its prey. At the moment a lion came there. The fox was happy. Immediately the approached the lion said: “Oh king, I have kept one elephant for you. Please come and eat.” “I don’t eat an animal killed by other. If you are interested you may eat it” the lion said and ran away.

After a few minutes a tiger appeared there. The fox approached him and spoke: “Sir, tiger sir, just now the lion killed an elephant and asked me to wait till he comes this way. He has decided to kill all the tiger of theforest.” The tiger frightened and ran away.

A few minutes passed. A black cheetah appeared there. “Oh cheetah Please come. Please see here. The lion who killed the elephant has asked me to wait. If you are hungry you may taste it. Otherwise the will eat it. Please come. If the lion comes I will shout. You may escape’’ the fox said.

The cheetah was hungry. He started biting the elephant skin. The fox after a while started shouting. The cheetah ran away, thinking that the lion has come. The fox was so happy and ate the elephant’s fresh alone.

MORAL:One which cannot be achieved by strength must be achieved by trick. 

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