Monday, 14 May 2012


It was a denser forest. A lion was living in the forest. He was the king of all animals. Everyday the lion was killing animals for his food. Dissatisfied animals decided to send everyday one animal in turn of king. The lion also agreed to it. As agreed the animals were sending one animal to the cave. The lion used to eat it and be happy.

One day it was the turn of a hare. Purposely the hare went late to the lion’s cave. “Why are you late?” the lion roared. The hare with any fear said “O King, Actually I came running to see you early. But on the way, I had to face another lion. He was about to kill me. Somehow I escaped. This made to me come late. Kindly excuse me.” The lion got angry.     

“What? Is there are more lion in this forest? If it is so, you show me where it is, First I will kill him and then I shell look after you” the lion roared.

The hare did not say no. “King, you come with me. I will show you the other lion. It appears he is still stronger.” Thus said, the hare took the lion with him. After he walked in the forest little distance he showed the lion in a deep well.

“King, I told you there is one more lion. It is living in this well. Peep and see” the hare said. The lion saw the well. Inside he found his image. He though that is another lion. Soon he jumped into the well in order to kill the same. But he died.

The intelligent hare ran away from there and met all the animals. He boasted before them the way by which he made the lion to die.

MORAL….                                                                                                                          Intelligent people face danger without any difficulty. 

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